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Women's History Month 2022

Photo from Time - "WOMEN OF THE YEAR"

Women’s History Month is a time to remember contributions and achievements made by women throughout history. This Women’s History Month, the Summit team is sharing great content for you to read, watch, and listen to. Articles/Online Resources

  • Women’s History Month

  • BBC – International Women’s Day

  • PBS -- Women in American History

    • Women lead advancements in science, technology, politics, sports and activism—often fighting against inequity and opposition at every turn. In this collection, explore films, interviews, articles, image galleries and more for an in-depth look at notable female figures in American history.

  • Fortune - This Women’s History Month, here’s a radical idea: Let women lead

    • “The gender pay gap hasn’t budged in 15 years. The United States is the only industrialized nation without a federal paid family leave policy, so one in four American women returns to work just 10 days after giving birth. There are more chief executives named Michael and James than women who lead S&P 500 companies. Women raised just 2% of a record $330 billion in VC funds last year, the smallest share since 2016.”

  • Forbes - Leaders Weigh In On Gender Parity And ESG

    • “Women Business Collaborative held a CEO Roundtable to discuss gender parity and ESG... ““Our belief is that companies must do more than declare that employees are their most valuable asset. Workplace equity doesn’t exist unless employees can see it, and they can’t see it companies don’t discuss it and analyze it.”

  • Time – Women of the Year

    • “Creating a better future for women means building bridges—across generations, communities, and borders. These extraordinary leaders are working toward a more equal world.”


  • I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai, Christina Lamb

    • “When the Taliban took control of the Swat Valley in Pakistan, one girl spoke out. Malala Yousafzai refused to be silenced and fought for her right to an education”

  • Becoming by Michele Obama

    • “In her memoir, a work of deep reflection and mesmerizing storytelling, Michelle Obama invites readers into her world, chronicling the experiences that have shaped her—from her childhood on the South Side of Chicago to her years as an executive balancing the demands of motherhood and work, to her time spent at the world’s most famous address”

  • This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America by Morgan Jerkins

    • “Doubly disenfranchised by race and gender, often deprived of a place within the mostly white mainstream feminist movement, Black women are objectified, silenced, and marginalized with devastating consequences, in ways both obvious and subtle, that are rarely acknowledged in our country’s larger discussion about inequality. In This Will Be My Undoing, Jerkins becomes both narrator and subject to expose the social, cultural, and historical story of Black female oppression that influences the Black community as well as the white, male-dominated world at large.”

  • Women Don't Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide by Linda Babcock

    • “Drawing on psychology, sociology, economics, and organizational behavior as well as dozens of interviews with men and women in different fields and at all stages in their careers, Women Don’t Ask explores how our institutions, child-rearing practices, and implicit assumptions discourage women from asking for the opportunities and resources that they have earned and deserve—perpetuating inequalities that are fundamentally unfair and economically unsound”


  • What’s Her Name Podcast

    • “What’s Her Name women’s history podcast is hosted and produced by academic sisters Dr. Katie Nelson and Olivia Meikle. Committed to reclaiming forgotten history, What’s Her Name tells the stories of fascinating women you’ve never heard of (but should have). Fascinating and funny, thought-provoking and thoughtful, What’s Her Name restores women’s voices to the conversation”

  • Women at Work: When You Work in a Male-Dominated Industry

    • “Being treated like an outsider. Feeling like you have to prove yourself. Struggling to make your voice heard. Whether it’s overt discrimination or more subtle forms of bias, male-dominated industries like engineering can pose challenges for women. Research shows that even well-meaning mentors direct female engineers into less technical, less valued roles. It’s no wonder so many women end up leaving the industry.”

  • Brown Ambition: The BA Q and A: How to Advocate for Yourself

    • “This week, a look at how to advocate for yourself at work, renegotiating your pay, and key advice for padding up that emergency fund.”

  • And Nothing Less: The Untold Stories of Women’s Fight for the Vote

    • “The suffrage movement included far more voices and perspectives than these two well-known names: throughout the fight for women’s right to vote, generations of diverse activists demanded full access to the ballot box. Hosts Rosario Dawson and Retta guide us through this seven-part series, bringing us the stories we didn’t learn in our history books”


  • On the Basis of Sex

    • “The true story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, her struggles for equal rights, and the early cases of a historic career that lead to her nomination and confirmation as U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice”

  • Hidden Figures

    • “As the United States raced against Russia to put a man in space, NASA found untapped talent in a group of African-American female mathematicians that served as the brains behind one of the greatest operations in U.S. history. Based on the unbelievably true-life stories of three of these women, known as "human computers", we follow these women as they quickly rose the ranks of NASA alongside many of history's greatest minds specifically tasked with calculating the momentous launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, and guaranteeing his safe return”

  • Knock Down the House

    • “ At a moment of historic volatility in American politics, these four women decide to fight back, setting themselves on a journey that will change their lives and their country forever. Without political experience or corporate money, they build a movement of insurgent candidates challenging powerful incumbents in Congress. Their efforts result in a legendary upset.”

  • Ruth - Justice Ginsburg In Her Own Words

    • “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg discusses the challenges she faced to make it all the way to the Supreme Court”

  • Explained | Why Women Are Paid Less | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

    • “Hillary Clinton and Anne-Marie Slaughter discuss the cultural norms at the center of the worldwide gender pay gap, including the "motherhood penalty."

  • PBS: What to Watch | Women's History Month 2022

    • “Celebrate Women's History Month this year by exploring pivotal points in American history and learning more about women who fought for progress. Watch films on a range of topics: from the influence of Haudenosaunee matriarchs on early suffragists to a woman's experience of war”



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