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Public Affairs Consulting 

Focusing on the Issues that Matter Most

We offer public affairs counsel and support to many of the largest private and public organizations in the country; organizations grappling with increasingly challenging landscapes and operating environments. We focus on complex issues, and we deliver results.


We use organizing methods and communication strategy to achieve measurable and tangible goals. We are best when creating campaigns, whether the goal is to obtain an “aye” vote, to get your story in (or out of) the media, or turn public opinion back to your favor. We believe in real engagement, and we put boots on the ground to make sure that happens.  


We are experts on moving people from awareness to concern, and then to engagement. We message through the media or directly to your most important stakeholders, moving key actors from complacency to acting on your behalf; allowing you to shift from playing defense to leaning into a winning strategy. Our services include media engagement; strategic issues management; political and issue advocacy; crisis preparedness and response; stakeholder engagement and grassroots organizing.

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Businesses and governments alike are finding it more complicated than ever to anticipate change, keep in step with society’s evolving expectations and priorities, and effectively offer services or products to their most important audiences or customers. In many cases, this requires fresh insight and new ideas. This is often best achieved when receiving input from both inside an organization, and also from bold thinkers and seasoned advisors brought in from outside.

Steve Burns, Managing Director, Public Affairs

Consulting Services

Media Engagement

We prize the work of professional journalists and engage them regularly. We counsel clients to engage directly with traditional newsrooms.  At a time when so much distrust dominates civic life, we embrace front-footed media relations and find in it an antidote to cynics. 

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Strategic Issues Management

Summit has political and policy veterans, with deep business, government, and media engagement backgrounds, ready to advise clients on addressing the issues that matter most.

Political & Issue Advocacy

The dynamics of political influence are constantly evolving and successful businesses need to be prepared to engage in political and issue advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. The Summit team offers veteran state and federal policy advocates who are ready to help our clients navigate today’s political and issue landscape.

Crisis Preparedness & Response

Every organization is vulnerable to crisis. Anticipating and preparing for potential crisis scenarios allows for greater focus on recovery and restoration of stakeholder trust if a crisis does occur. Our experts help clients anticipate, prepare, respond, and recover from any crisis.

Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding who your stakeholders are and what they are thinking is critical for running your business or organization effectively. The varied stakeholders in a political or policy situation require nuanced and strategic messaging. The team at Summit are experts at understanding and crafting specific messages for unique audiences.

Grassroots Organizing 

We know that effective grassroots organizing and field work ultimately results in civic action and we advocate on behalf of our clients with action in mind. We help clients build greater participation in public policy activities.

Digital Strategy

Digital communications are now a fundamental part of how individuals, companies, and governments engage and interact with priority stakeholders. Whether through social media content, promoted campaigns, email marketing, or SEO optimization, the Summit team is experienced in sharing our clients’ messages to the audiences that matter most. 


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