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ESG Consulting

Transform ESG Performance Into Enhanced Valuation 

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria have become a globally recognized measurement of a company’s commitment to acting as a steward of sustainable business, our planet and its people. 

We provide our clients with an assessment of their present ESG performance, identify potential risks and opportunities, and implement ESG strategies that help them succeed.

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At Summit, we develop an ESG approach that effectively manages risk while inspiring positive outcomes. We build tailored solutions to meet our clients where they are and evolve their ESG programs beyond compliance to create meaningful impacts toward the greatest social and environmental challenges. We believe every industry, company, and individual has a path to sustainability. We look forward to discovering those paths, together.

Talia Ibarguen, Vice President, ESG

Consulting Services

ESG Strategy Development and Implementation

We help companies develop and implement effective ESG strategies. Our work is equally suitable for companies just getting started and companies looking to refresh, update or enhance existing ESG efforts.

Materiality & Goal Setting

We conduct materiality assessments using qualitative and quantitative data collection and aggregation to identify priority ESG topics through stakeholder engagement. Summit supports the development of relevant public-facing goals, targets and KPIs to address material topics.

Greenhouse Gas Analysis

Summit provides comprehensive GHG assessments including Scopes 1, 2 and 3, as well as decarbonization strategies and support in setting science-based targets.

Climate Risk Analysis

We provide clients with the means of analyzing comprehensive climate risk, including mapping those risks against specific client locations, geographies, and climate models.

Responsible Sourcing Audits & Strategy

We work with clients to assess the ESG maturity and performance of their supply chain. Summit will help develop responsible sourcing programs designed to manage supply chain risks and enhance opportunities for cooperation and collaboration with more advanced vendors in the supply chain. 

Stakeholder Mapping and Engagement

We identify and create customized and scalable engagement plans for key stakeholders, based on the potential interest and impact a stakeholder may have on the client's business. 

ESG Reporting and Disclosure

Summit has extensive reporting expertise with all major disclosure frameworks, including, but not limited to: SASB, TCFD, GRI, UN PRI, CDP, UN Global Compact, and the UN SDGs. We provide clients with the support needed to complete independent disclosure work and manage the development of ESG reports. 

Digital Strategy

Digital communications are now a fundamental part of how individuals, companies, and governments engage and interact with priority stakeholders. Whether through social media content, promoted campaigns, email marketing, or SEO optimization, the Summit team is experienced in sharing our clients’ messages to the audiences that matter most. Digital strategy is carefully integrated into our principal areas of expertise including corporate reputation, public affairs, ESG and sustainability.


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