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Summit Strategy Group is inspired by the ambition, drive and teamwork necessary to reach the highest peaks, and by the clarity and perspective attained when you get there. We understand that every ascent is different and requires unique experience, tools and planning. Our mission is to bring perspective, insight and world-class talent to organizations that want to ascend to a new level of communications impact.   

Summit Strategy Group is a California-based consulting firm specializing in corporate reputation, issues management, crisis communications, ESG and sustainability. Our founding principle is that every client deserves and requires a custom-built team of the best talent: Agile thinkers equipped with precision tools that yield crucial insights necessary to navigate and succeed in today’s constantly evolving landscape. Our unique business model allows us to deploy bespoke client teams of world-class talent when and where they are needed, and to scale according to client requirements.



Summit Strategy Group offers a seasoned team of experts and can scale to meet client requirements. Our core expertise crosses major industry sectors, including environment and natural resources, land use, energy, technology, and transportation and infrastructure.

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Corporate Reputation

Corporate reputation plays a critical role in achieving business results and navigating times of controversy. From Fortune 500 industry leaders to cutting-edge start-up companies, Summit Strategy Group helps business leaders define, manage and protect their corporate identity and reputation.

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Sustainability & ESG

Consumer demand, regulatory change and investor expectation have made corporate sustainability more than just a nice-to-have addition to business strategy. Sustainability is about a triple bottom line approach to success. Today’s companies need to balance financial success with environmental impact and social progress.  Summit Strategy Group offers a range of consulting services to help our clients develop relevant sustainability strategies, identify and engage stakeholders and communicate a powerful narrative. Click here to read more. 

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Political & Issue Advocacy

The dynamics of political influence are constantly evolving and successful businesses need to be prepared to engage in political and issue advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. The Summit Strategy team offers veteran state and federal policy advocates who are ready to help our clients navigate today’s political and issue landscape.

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Workplace Transformation

Gallup estimates that actively disengaged employees cost businesses nearly $500 billion a year. Keeping employees motivated and engaged may well be the biggest challenge facing businesses as the world grapples with new realities of managing public health in the workplace. 

Summit Strategy Group decades of experience helping companies understand and improve workplace culture and morale and build high-performing workforces. We have joined forces with Dr. Deborah Gilboa, a resilience expert, family medicine physician and clinical associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, to help companies design and execute tailored campaigns to maximize employee and team resilience, particularly in times of crisis, social and organizational change. 

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Narrative & Message Development

Every organization has a story. The only question is whether it’s the one you want or not. Narratives shape perception and behavior and affect your reputation, revenue and valuation. The Summit team includes award-winning specialists in messaging and narrative development who use time-tested messaging techniques and persuasive communications strategies to reverse potentially game-changing narratives.

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Management & Executive Coaching

The last yard of any successful communications strategy lies between your spokespeople and your audience. Your purpose and conviction must shine through in your spoken and written communications in order to be effective. Whether addressing reporters, analysts, customers, employees, investors, regulators or all of the above, Summit Strategy Group offers group and private executive coaching to help you find your voice and achieve your desired results.

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Crisis Preparedness & Response

Every organization is vulnerable to a crisis. Anticipating and preparing for potential crisis scenarios allows for greater focus on recovery and restoration of stakeholder trust if a crisis does occur. Our experts help clients anticipate, prepare for, respond to and recover from any crisis situation.

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Digital Strategy

Digital communications are now a fundamental part of how individuals, companies, and governments engage and interact with priority stakeholders. Whether through social media content, promoted campaigns, email marketing, or SEO optimization, the Summit team is experienced in sharing our clients’ messages to the audiences that matter most.  Digital strategy is carefully integrated into our principal areas of expertise including corporate reputation, public affairs, ESG and sustainability. The Summit team is ready to execute digital strategies to drive your business goals. 

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Research & Data Analytics

Dramatic changes in data storage technology have enabled unprecedented access to information and the ability to uncover valuable insights in real time. Summit teams with Unearth, a full-service agency offering strategy, data-drive audience targeting, analytics, and social media consulting. Unearth specializes in public affairs and political campaigns, with experience managing scores of public education, grassroots mobilization, legislative advocacy and crisis management issues.

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MAL Headshot 2023.jpeg

Michael Law

Founder & CEO

Ryan Retreat Headshot 1.jpg

Ryan Rauzon

Managing Director, Public Affairs

Camille Fordy-Headshot.JPG

Camille Fordy

Vice President, ESG Consulting Services

Erica Swerdlow

Erica Swerdlow

Managing Director, Agency Growth and Strategy

Tricia Headshot.JPG

Tricia Aarts Law

Vice President 

Steve Burns.jpg

Steve Burns

Managing Director, Public Affairs

David Donaldson Headshot .jpg

David Donaldson

Senior Advisor

Maggie Linden.png

Maggie Linden

Senior Advisor


Leslie Capstraw

Chief Operating Officer

Talia Bren Photo.png

Talia Ibarguen

Vice President, ESG Consulting Services

David Ligh Headshot.jpg

David Ligh

Senior Advisor

Jason Alviar Headshot.jpg

Jason Alviar

Senior Account Executive, Public Affairs


Kelli Carr

Director, Public Affairs

Nick Dolce.jpg

Nick Dolce

Analyst - ESG & Public Affairs Consulting Services

Gemma Goebel Headshot.jpg

Gemma Goebel

Account Executive, Public Affairs

Caroleana Kvaterchuk Allison.png

Caroleana Kvaterchuk

Director, Public Affairs & Digital Strategy

Emily Miller

Emily Miller

Account Executive, Public Affairs

Emma Ritson

Emma Ritson

ESG Junior Analyst

Paul Sherer headshot.jpg

Paul Sherer

National Media Lead

Karla Aparicio Headshot.heic

Karla Aparicio

Senior Account Executive, Public Affairs

Veaney Headshot.jpg

Veaney Castillo

Social Media Manager, Public Affairs

Carly Dominick-Sobol.jpg

Carly Dominick-Sobol

ESG Analyst


Jen Hodgkins

Director, Public Affairs

Emma Law

Emma Law

Assistant Account Executive, Public Affairs

Maura Morales

Maura Morales

Intern, Public Affairs


Michael Sessums 

Public Affairs & International Relations

Brandon Headshot.png

Brandon Suchan

Manager, ESG Consulting Services

Nadav Avihay

Nadav Avihay

Manager, ESG Consulting Services

Sebastian Desio cropped.png

Sebastian Desio

Chief Financial Officer

Eddie Fernandez image.jpg

Eddie Fernandez

Environment & Sustainability

Heidi Retreat Headshot.jpg

Heidi Johnson

Project Manager

Julia Mariano.png

Julia Mariano

Senior Account Executive, Public Affairs

Nick Rangel

Nick Rangel

Vice President, Public Affairs

Erika Shane

Erika Shane

ESG Manager


Sarah Thompson

Public Affairs Intern



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