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National Park Week: Lessons from the Summit

Michael Law, Founder and CEO

Last week was National Park Week, and I was reminded of what inspired me to start Summit Strategy Group just over four years ago. Since my early years in Scouting, I have held a deep love of the outdoors and have had the privilege of hiking and climbing in every major mountain range. These are experiences that have taught me survival and wilderness skills and countless lessons that have guided me throughout my professional life. Endurance, careful planning and teamwork are necessary to reach the summit of a mountain – and vital to building a great business.

I named this company Summit Strategy Group to weave the lessons of the outdoors into a successful business and to offer our clients the clarity and perspective one gains at a mountain’s summit. Whether you are climbing in the Himalayas or charting a new route in the Sierras here in California, each wilderness journey is different – requiring highly specialized tools, skills and instincts. We view our clients here at Summit in much the same way: Every client challenge is unique and our teams bring the expertise and insight necessary for a successful client experience.

This past Earth Day, I reflected on how much the world has changed in my lifetime. In the first 41 years of my life, the world’s population doubled (and by some estimates, the population may triple in my lifetime). The stress and strain of this unbridled population growth threatens the wilderness and open spaces that so many of us cherish. It is vital that government and industry leaders find the courage and strength to protect these priceless assets – like our National Parks - for today and tomorrow.

In honor of National Park Week, the team at Summit shares some of our favorite hikes and outdoor spaces.

Michael Law: Emigrant Wilderness in Tuolumne County, California

“My most memorable wilderness experience was in the Himalayas in 2013, when we followed a high mountain route around Mt. Everest. While that trip was most memorable, Emigrant Wilderness – right here in Northern California – is my favorite back country destination.”

Amanda Hoster: Old Rag in Shenandoah, Virginia

“Old Rag is a fun, challenging hike 2 hours outside DC in Shenandoah National Park. It's a great climb with a fun rock scramble, and it's a beautiful place to watch the sun rise over the mountains.”

Anna Barbati: Logan Pass in Glacier National Park, Montana

"When I first hiked Logan Pass in Glacier National Park it was my first time out West. When experiencing the park and the hike I'll never forget how connected I felt to nature and the happiness and relaxation that went along with it."

Bailey Hicks: Seven Sisters in San Luis Obispo, California

“I love these peaks because you get a great view of the Central Coast. All seven peaks offer different levels of difficulty. My favorite is Cerro San Luis Obispo also known as Madonna.”

Rachel Cuellar-Hinojosa: Willow Land Recreation Park in Folsom, CA

"Willow Land is perfect for hiking, kayaking, swimming, or biking. My favorite time is early Saturday morning, when no one is up yet, and it's just me, my dog, and the early sun."

Ryan Rauzon: Zion National Park, Utah

"The best hike I’ve ever been on was Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Best trip I’ve ever done in life was going down the Colorado River in Grand Canyon....but hands down, favorite hikes on the planet: the Narrows, Subway and basically the entire situation at Zion National Park for me."


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