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Maura Morales

Intern, Public Affairs

Introducing Maura, a third-year student at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she is passionately pursuing Public Affairs and Education. Maura is from East Los Angeles and is a proud first-generation student.


Maura has delved deep into studying social justice issues through the lens of different socioeconomic perspectives and researching environmental education, mass incarceration, and the challenges of overpopulation. Through her time at UCLA, she has developed policy briefs and analyses surrounding these topics. She is interested in the communication it takes to outreach into these different communities, bringing awareness to important social issues, and being an advocate for her community.


Maura is a student leader on campus and is actively involved in community organizations. Beyond that, she enjoys the Harry Potter film series, nature walks, window shopping, and finding new delights to experience in Los Angeles.

Maura Morales
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