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2020: A Year of Lessons

2020 was a challenging year for everyone. It was a year of adjustment, shifted expectations, and relearning our day-to-day lives. It was a year that left us simultaneously isolated and in closer proximity to our family and/or friends. It was a year that challenged us in ways we weren’t ever prepared for. This year changed the world. It changed the way we worked. It made many of us into bread bakers and Korean Baseball fans.

Here at Summit Strategy Group, we have some familiarity in working remote. We’ve got team members working all over the country for clients located all over the country. 2020 was a unique experience for us to learn and grow. Here’s what the Summit Team learned in 2020:

Michael Law, Founder and CEO of Summit Strategy Group

12 months of shelter-in-place, social unrest, financial uncertainty, and above all, the health risk of a global pandemic has taken its toll on the mental health of many Americans. The experience of 2020 has made crystal clear how important it is for business leaders to be paying closer attention to the physical and mental health of the workforce. Properly engaging with teams can actually build resilience among employees to be better prepared to deal with future stress and uncertainty. Checking in with ourselves and our co-workers is crucial to future business success.

2020 also showed me how seamlessly Summit can work remotely. In our new virtual landscape, we’ve been incredibly dynamic in adjusting to COVID-related challenges. I believe we’re going to exit this pandemic as a stronger company and poised for further growth.

Laurel Harrison, Senior Director, Public Affairs

Reach out to the people you love, your colleagues, your friends, and don’t wait for that in-person meeting or event to connect. We have all of the tools at our fingertips to create lasting, meaningful connections with the people around us. While I love a Friday Happy Hour, dinner get-together, or in-person meeting and will be happy to see my friends, family and team in-person again post-pandemic, this past year taught me how to get creative with my communication and pushed me to be more proactive in my relationships.

Noah Miller, Senior Director, ESG & Stakeholder Engagement

2020 confirmed ESG as officially a mainstream concept and necessary to compete in today's rapidly changing global economy. As stakeholders continue to demand greater corporate transparency and action on issues ranging from climate change to diversity and inclusion, how companies react to these pressures will be critical in maintaining their license to operate in today's interconnected world.

Rachel Cuellar-Hinojosa, Assistant Account Executive, Public Affairs

To put it simply, 2020 reminded me of what is actually important. It was one of the hardest years for me, but the biggest tool I had to learn was recognizing my privilege and finding the joy in the small things. I have a roof over my head, food on my plate, and a healthy family. Everything else will fall into place.


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