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Welcome to the team!


Crystal Kirsch

Director, ESG Consulting Services

We are excited to welcome Crystal Kirsch to the Summit team. 


Crystal joins Summit Strategy Group as a Director of ESG Consulting Services with over 10 years of experience in environmental and ESG consulting. She has worked in a variety of sectors including energy, technology, and public health and has lead teams focused on sustainability and legal standards.

She has a bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology and Journalism from Northern Illinois University and a master’s degree in Environmental Management from Ball State University .


Crystal lives in Washington state with her husband and 3 dogs. In her free time, you can find Crystal hiking the Pacific Northwest, rebuilding furniture, or online gaming with friends and family to stay in touch. She is happiest when working toward her goal of visiting all 50 states.  Once she has visited all 50, she plans to start balancing National Parks trips with international yearly.

Welcome to the team, Crystal!

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