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The healthcare industry today faces a myriad of challenges. Hospital and health system leaders are grappling with unprecedented scrutiny and transparency demands, and daily challenges from policy makers in Washington, D.C. and state capitals. Moreover, with access to growing amounts of data, healthcare consumers are becoming more empowered, and systems must be responsive to protect their brand, their business and their operations.

In this evolving landscape, Summit brings a team of specialized healthcare experts and senior media counselors who can help you navigate challenges and better engage with the stakeholders that matter most.

Our services include research, strategic narrative development, issue advocacy and crisis management, stakeholder engagement, and rapid response to current and emerging issues. Summit provides unmatched counsel that will put your mind at ease in these choppy waters.

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Given the continued concern about the rising costs of healthcare and the movement to empower consumers, the industry finds itself in a time of disruption and transformation. Driven by transparency, data privacy and integrity, these issues become more important every day.

Mark Riordan, Managing Director, Healthcare

Consulting Services

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Payer Negotiation and Engagement

Summit has worked with some of the largest healthcare systems during high-stakes negotiations with insurers, helping to ensure a successful outcome through stakeholder communications, message development rooted in research, and effective media relations. 

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Strategic Issues Management

From pricing transparency to quality and safety rankings and ratings, Summit has a deep, foundation understanding of these top-of-mid issues and stands ready to advise clients on appropriate strategy.

Political & Issue Advocacy

The dynamics of political influence are constantly evolving and successful businesses need to be prepared to engage in political and issue advocacy at the local, state and federal levels. The Summit Strategy team offers veteran state and federal policy advocates who are ready to help our clients navigate today’s political and issue landscape.

Crisis Preparedness & Response

Every organization is vulnerable to crisis. Anticipating and preparing for potential crisis scenarios allows for greater focus on recovery and restoration of stakeholder trust if a crisis does occur. Our experts help clients anticipate, prepare, response, and recover from any crisis

Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding who your key stakeholders are and what they are thinking is critical for being able to run your business effectively. The varied stakeholders in the healthcare sector require nuanced and strategic messaging. Summit is an expert at understanding and crafting specific messages for unique audiences. 

ESG in Healthcare

We provide our clients with a clear understanding of their present ESG performance, identify potentials risks to address and opportunities to capture, design and support implementation of ESG strategies to help our clients achieve their unique goals.


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