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Welcome to the team!

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David Ligh

Senior Advisor

We’d like to welcome the newest member to Summit Strategy Group, David Ligh!

David joins us as a Senior Advisor. He retired from Exxon Mobil Corporation in 2022, completing over three decades of external affairs experience representing global energy companies before government officials and external stakeholders on a full range of priority issues, including energy, ESG, petrochemicals and tax. He established a strong reputation for leveraging his technical background and training with his extensive experience working with policymakers and stakeholders on improving policy proposals and developing new approaches to achieve business objectives.


David advised senior company executives on setting advocacy priorities and positions within national trade associations. He also served on several state-level business association boards and policy committees to establish priorities and positions and engaged with policymakers and stakeholders directly to achieve consensus. He worked on steering committees for several voter initiative campaigns and developed a broad advocacy campaign strategy for a novel transportation policy designed to reduce life-cycle transportation emissions from current and future vehicles.

Welcome to the team, David!

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