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Introduction to ESG

Collaboration with Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI), the leading global provider of online financial analyst certification programs. Our mission is to provide practical and relevant ESG education to the finance community. 


As environmental, social, and economic conditions continue to change, we believe access to ESG education will be crucial in helping companies around the world move towards a more sustainable future. Together with CFI, we look forward to providing finance leaders with the ESG tools, knowledge, and skills to be effective stewards of their business, our planet and its people. To learn more about this collaboration, access our open-source introductory ESG course.


Co-Founder and CEO

Summit Strategy Group

“ESG has quickly emerged as one of the most objective measures of corporate reputation and leading indicators of future valuation. We are thrilled to collaborate with the Corporate Finance Institute to develop accessible ESG courses for finance executives wanting to better understand ESG and its significance for businesses today.”


Founding Member and CRO

Corporate Finance Institute® (CFI)

“We have been watching the rapid growth of ESG reporting requirements, but have noted limited corresponding training for those financial analysts and other professionals involved in either preparing or analyzing ESG reports. We are therefore delighted to collaborate with Summit Strategy Group to provide practical ESG courses that can help those finance professionals elevate their ESG related knowledge and skills.”

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