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Camille Fordy

Vice President, ESG Consulting Services

Camille Fordy, Vice President at Summit Strategy Group, specializes in ESG consulting and sustainability strategy. She co-leads the ESG Consulting Practice, advising clients on sustainability strategies, reporting, and risk management.


With prior agency experience as Vice President of ESG, Camille has a proven track record in developing and implementing ESG strategies for blue-chip companies across various sectors. Her corporate sustainability background, including her work at Ben & Jerry’s, and early career in public policy and government roles in Washington, D.C., provide a unique blend of expertise in her ESG work.


Camille holds an MBA in Sustainable Innovation and a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from the University of Vermont. As a skilled professional, she is dedicated to helping clients achieve their ESG and sustainability goals through impactful strategies and programs.

Camille Fordy
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