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Arden Reynolds

Public Affairs Intern

Arden is joining us in Washington D.C. where he is currently studying at George Washington University, Class of 2024. Arden is studying History with a specialization in 1700’s and 1800’s American history but has a sizeable base of knowledge in antiquity and ancient history. He also studies Creative Writing, mostly writing poetry and short prose. He is a published writer and greatly enjoys writing as a whole. His passion for writing has led him to his current honors program in school.


Arden has written several research summary reports for Rob Roy Consulting, which is a Summit neighbor in the Los Altos office. Arden is excited to learn about Public Affairs at Summit, both because he likes researching and learning about new things and figuring out the puzzle pieces that makes our work unique. 


Arden pulls his writing and storytelling into hobbies, including Dungeons & Dragons and tarot readings, but growing up in California has developed an appreciation for the natural world and loves hiking. He naturally expanded this into exploring and received a motorcycle license at 19 with intentions to get a pilot’s license later in life.

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